EXLIBRIS - Shadowrise


KRŮK - Nibykwiaty

SPARKS – A Steady Drip, Drip, Drip

BATUSHKA – Раскол/Raskol

ABEL GANZ - The Life of the Honey Bee and Other Moments of Clarity

STEEL PROPHET - The God Machine


BOB DYLAN - Rough And Rowdy Ways

KONTRKULTURA - Wszystko Już Powiedziane

VERBAL DELIRIUM - From The Small Hours Of Weakness

OSTA LOVE - About Time

SBB - Jerzyk

CHAOS OVER COSMOS - The Ultimate Multiverse


PIOTR DAMSE - Inside Outside


ALBION - Albion



BLACKLIGHT - Follow the Future

WAVE - [Dream]

DEPECHE MODE - Live Spirits Soundtrack

THE MOTH GATHERER - Esoteric Oppression

DIVINE WEEP - The Omega Man

HEART&REST - Shall We Begin?

HANGING GARDEN - Into That Good Night

MYRATH - Live in Carthage

ONE HOUR HELL - Voidwalker

DEACON BLUE - City of Love

RICK MILLER - Belief In The Machine

Artykuły » Articles in English » ...TRAIL OF DEAD - Conrad Keely (interview)
...TRAIL OF DEAD - Conrad Keely (interview)
TAOCould You count Your three most favourites concept album in rock history?

I could list a couple, but I warn you that there is not necessarily a general concensus that these are indeed concept albums; only, I consider them to be:
U2 – Boy
Kate Bush – Hounds of Love
Depeche Mode - Violator

In Your opinion, what rules shall we take from Chinese philosophy and Chinese way of living and use in Western civilization?

I’m not familiar with Chinese philosophy or way of living enough be give an authoritative answer. However, if you’re asking in reference to the Tao Te Ching there are quite a number of interesting and practical points that seem to impart a universal wisdom. It also seems to share many things with a number of philosophies from the west. For instance one stanza we used for a lyric was „To yield and overcome, to bend and be straight; empty and be full, to have little and gain”. They speak volumes about how we achieve an inner strength and virtue, not by effort or struggle, but by acceptance and remaining open to outside influence.

„Tao of The Dead” is the seventh album in Your discography. Does this number mean something special for You? Do You believe in numerology and things like that?

For myself numerology has more of an aesthetic quality than one of any tangible significance, but since so many people place great significance in it, it’s difficult for me not to take it into consideration.

„Let Us Experiment” – Can we take these words as a credo of Your musical adventure?

That is excactly how they were intended!

As You said (or rather written in FAQ) recording „Tao of The Dead” was „dead easy”. So, what is Your recipe for „dead easy made, progressive, unique and amazing album”?

I think it involves a good amount of letting go to the will of heaven, coupled with a furious desire to destroy people’s way of thinking. But we’ve never relied upon recipes or formulas, only experimentation.

„Pure Radio Cosplay” contains a famous riff from „Jumpin’ Jack Flash”. Is that Your way of tribute to The Rolling Stones? How important is that group for You?

The Rolling Stones are important, no denying that. But that song in particular is quite special to me, Mick Jagger managed to pen some really lovely imagery in that one.

„Tao of The Dead” is more guitar oriented album than the former one. Were You bored with piano sounds?

Hahaha. Yes. You put that quite nicely. Actually I didn’t want to depend on having to use keyboards when we played live because it was starting to be too much trouble.

Are You going to play whole new album live?

If we do, I don’t plan on telling anyone beforehand!

Is there a special place around the world, that You would like to visit during the tour and play there?

I’d like to play in South Africa, and India. But of course, I would be happy to travel and play anywhere I’ve never been before, outside of the US.

Will Polish fans have opportunity to see your gigs this year?

We’ll do everything we can to bring the gift of our noisy trash-can lid symphony to Poland and her lovely people.

Questions: Robert Dłucik