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EVERGAZE ETERNITY - Giovanni Ferranti (interview)
EEP.S.: I just can't classified your music. It contains a bit of metal, rock attitude, gothic mood maybe. How would you describe it yourself?

G.F.: There were many major influences on our music training: the old-school gothic metal, but also our interest in alternative rock, electronic and even pop, which are close to our sensibilities. The genres we love are diverse, but we believe that everything must educate our feelings, and then come together with originality and our own artistic sense. From this derives our love for experimentation.

I found some information regarding your demo "Incompatible Existences" recorded 3 years ago. What was your evolution look like since then? Are this tracks still available nowadays?

I believe that Uninvolved represents an evolution in its infancy, this definitely means a greater awareness on our part and, dare I say, greater maturity too. You can find various irregularities in both style and execution, as well as in the musicians involved and production. Uninvolved presents an original and alternative rock metal, which is hard to classify, even with influences from Type O Negative and Paradise Lost, from electronic and pop. There were also notable contributions from well-established prepared musicians. As regards the songs of Incompatible Existences, some copies are still available of the CD and we are looking for a new distributor for the digital format. On our MySpace you can also listen to our cover of Red Stars by The Birthday Massacre in streaming, recorded at the times of Incompatible Existences.

Your debut album out via Spider Rock Promotion. What is promotion of the album look like. Are you happy with the response (reviews, fans)?

We are satisfied, we have received valuable support, despite the difficulties that arose within the band. The reviews were generally positive, even when some criticism came forward. Some criticism has not been shared, even though it has been accepted, this is part of the game. I should stress that I consider this record to be very important, as it has enabled a deeper understanding of how to pursue a music project. Strong experience, then, and work with professional, thanks to enormous efforts by producers and musicians. I also think that I should feel even more satisfied, when I think of the difficulties we have faced and overcome: the distance between the place of my life and that of other musicians, which has not always given me full control of the situation, as well as the need to use delegation for certain decisions. These difficulties, however, and overcoming them, help to enhance our experience and, in my case, make me proud of the job done, despite everything.

I consider Evergaze Eternity rather as a project than a band (2 person's lineup). But I found some pictures performing you live.
Do you play a lot of gigs promoting the album? What are the shows look like? Are you hire live musicians?

At the moment it is not possible, since there are two of us and we are far apart. I maintain good relations with Valeria and I'll be happy to work with her again, should it be possible. For both of us, there is only a pause for reflection, the project has encountered many challenges along the way.

Marco Ribecai take part in producing your album. Terence Holler sung at one track. So Eldritch fans should listen to your album.
I guess guest appearance’s job is introduce song/album to the guests fans ;)
But when I read these names at labels note, I expected more heavy metal oriented album.
Don't you think it can makes Eldritch's fans a bit confused?

I cannot be sure, but I think and hope that whoever follows Eldritch has broad musical horizons. Eldritch have experimented in the past, considering their album Reverse.

To the point. Does Marco's and Terence's job satisfy you? And did fact of hire them make sense?

Sure! When we worked on the CD, Eldritch used to go to Marco’s studio to record their latest album Gaia's Legacy. For the friendship that binds them to Marco Ribecai, we asked him to collaborate. I greatly appreciate his arrangement of In a Corner, which has greatly enhanced the song.

You included Madonna's cover "Lie to tell" at your album. Why did you choose this track?
I didn't recognize the track at the beginning... so your intention was to surprise fans once again?

The choice was made in the times of Incompatible Existences, for the love and esteem for this artist, always active throughout the many years of his career, with songs of the highest level. Our version of Live To Tell was launched with Madonna’s arrangement on the Confession Tour, our almost doom version is in the name of Type O Negative, as a tribute to Pete Steel. I think that only a few actually recognized the song from the beginning! This particular arrangement, however, still comes from Madonna! In fact, it is the one that the song was performed with during the Confessions Tour.

I love Madonna's classic tracks... I think a lot of melodic rock fans do...
So... what do you think about her latest hit (Give Me All Your Luvin')?

Yes, I heard it! I must say that it didn’t particularly impress me, it left me feeling completely indifferent. I bought and Madonna's latest album Confessions On A Dancefloor and listened to it till I dropped, that really was awesome!

What are your future plans. Do you have plans regarding second album?

Right like I said, now I'm working on a new project
- Alas Laika - totally alien to metal. In the right circumstances, Valeria and I would be happy to return to work together.

I wish you a lot of success with the promotion of the album.
Take care.

Questions: Piotr Spyra